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Art is powerful not only because it can change how we understand the world around us, but can also teach us new things about ourselves. Seriously studying music requires us to understand and coordinate a complex set of skills, and is a highly effective way for students to develop discipline and problem solving skills. While music is often considered an "extra-curricular" activity, students who commit to daily practice find that the skills they learn mastering an instrument are the same skills that lead to success in any field. In addition, school orchestras and other musical groups provide a forum for making new friends while learning to work with others towards a common goal. As a bonus, music students gain a love for music, which I believe is one of the richest cultural resources available to us!

If you are interested in viola of violin lessons and are a student in Naperville district 204 (in Illinois), contact me to set up a trial lesson. If you live in the Oak Park, IL area, you can visit to schedule a trial lesson through the school.